I Look Like A Teacher

Four mornings a week, I wake up and pretend to be a teacher.  I dress up in my teacher-clothes, then I stroll into school holding my chin slightly higher than the students (but lower than the Real Teachers.  I don’t wish to appear pretentious).  I settle down into my Teacher Desk in the Teacher Office, where I shuffle around papers and books, jot notes to myself, and drink tea.  At appropriate moments I draft outlines, make copies, or gather supplies.  Then, when I hear the bell ring (not the first bell.  The first bell means class is over.  Most teachers don’t even leave the office until after the second bell, which in the US would correspond to  the “class starts now” bell), I stride confidently to my classroom, where the students all stand up to greet me.  Then I conduct a 45 minute arrangement of themed activities.  My students read, write, and converse.  Sometimes they draw, mingle, sing, present, or even make paper airplanes (I worried that I was having too much fun with that one.  But then I noticed the Real Teacher working twice as hard as than most of the student were.  He won the contest by a full 3 seconds).  After class, the students say goodbye!  I return to the office, shuffle more papers, and repeat until it’s time to go home.

I asked one of the Real Teachers to take a few pictures of me today while I taught.  And I was honestly surprised by how teacher-y I look just standing next to a chalkboard, soaking in the admiring gazes of my young pupils.

See what I mean?

Playing Teacher is great fun.  And it’s so kind of them all to play along!


  1. You indeed look very teacher-y. I still acknowledge your teaching position with both admiration and confusion.

  2. Have you told them that you know spanish as well? Also, that chalkboard is so dirty…

  3. wow this is great! and you really do look like a teacher! Nice touch with the heels!

  4. Que bien te ves como toda una profesional por cierto te veo muy delgada que no estas comiendo bien????
    I am very proud of you sobrinita

    te quiero

  5. Do you watch Big Bang Theory or did someone else put that up?

    And yes, it does feel a lot like playing school…until you have to call parents. Do you have to do that too? Or until parents corner you at volleyball games and want to talk about their child, whom you do not even have in class, and about whom they do not know what to do…but for the most part, it’s a lot of acting. =) Are your students having as much fun as you are?