A Distinguished Leader can never get too far from the spire of Swasey–but an English major can still fall far from Barney-Davis standards.

I sick.  I not English.  I not food except apples very apples.  Today I have my the three classes, one good class one quiet class and one on laptop have math homework want sleeping class.  I want sleeping to.

I resting two layers of the pajama for heat turned up ears ringing
probably nebo poprve
prilis bramboracky a knedliky nebo

oh I was so happy still am so happily even body aches and  bruised from enjoying life.  I compete very well to myself and winningly.

but now quiet and slowly type and have to Psych with my the laptop.

wish it were Christmas.  Wish for explain imagination to my the students.  Or Creativity.  Or “It’s okay to lie”.  They having better, today asked all class to come to job interviews for a circus.  Hard to be very honest when I asking “why do you make a good trapeze artist?”

Congratulations.  Well Done.  Watch Out!  Be Careful!
Stop stealing his bookbag.  You lost your pen where?  Do you have three sentences yet?  You–yes–I saw that–Watch Out?  Thank you for using your vocabulary correctly.

I have my birthday

I have my name day

“TODAY IS my birthday.”  “TODAY IS my name day.”

English is strangely,
fatly, slimmly,
coldly, hotly,
redly, brownly,
smally, fastly,

“I miss the bus always.”  Good job.
“I do my homework never.”  I never do; well done.
“I is everything perfectly.”  Thank you, yes, congratulations.

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  1. you no food have?