Showing Off My Fantastic Students

I am rather ashamed of my blog sometimes.  I write infrequently, I forget to take pictures, and the ones I do take rarely show up in my posts.  In three months here, I have not given my followers much to look at.

Now I get to brag about my students.  My sixth graders have started a pen-pal connection with a school in Houston.  I have been looking for a way to challenge the motivated students in my classes, and they are all quite enthusiastic about their pen friends, so I invited them optionally and on their own time to make a blog post, video, or photo slideshow to share on our pen-friend blog.  It could be about Christmas, school, our town, anything they want.

I didn´t get much response, so I figured they had all forgotten and I would have to try again after the holidays.  But two weeks later I receive this beautiful video tour of Hradec Králové created and narrated by my students.  The entire class got together in their free time to make this, and it includes pretty much all the important sites of our town.   I more or less begged them to let me share it on my blog because it is so much better than anything I have put together.  Plus this way you get to see my amazing students.  If you had kids like this you would love teaching too.

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